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TTcogen Enters US Wastewater Treatment Facility Biogas CHP Market

June 23, 2017

TTcogen LLC, a 50/50 joint venture of combined heat and power (CHP) experts Tecogen® Inc. (NASDAQ: TGEN) and TEDOM a.s., is pleased to announce the expansion into the US Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) Biogas CHP market. Through TEDOM, TTcogen has experience with several hundreds of WWTF in Europe and is poised to bring that experience to the US market. While the product line includes units from 35 kW to 4 MW, TTcogen sees tremendous opportunity in the underserved market for smaller CHP projects between 60 kW and 500 kW.

TTcogen offers a complete package of efficient CHP modules from European CHP manufacturer TEDOM that are fully capable of running on a variety of fuels including biogas and biogas/natural gas hybrid solutions. TEDOM has spent over 25 years pioneering the manufacture of equipment designed for the effective and environmentally friendly utilization of energy resources.

TTcogen reciprocating engine based biogas CHP units are modular and easy to install even in a densely packed facility. The factory proven units deliver attractive economics and minimize impact to an existing facility. TEDOM has a long history of successful implementations in European WWTF with majority of the sites under the 250 kW.

About TTcogen LLC

TTcogen LLC is a 50/50 joint venture corporation between packaged combined heat and power (CHP) experts Tecogen Inc. and TEDOM a.s. TTcogen offers a complete package of 27 cutting-edge CHP modules that are fully capable of running on a variety of fuel feedstocks, including natural gas, propane, and biogas. Ranging in size from 35 kW up to 4 MW, the full product portfolio meets the needs of residential, municipal, commercial and industrial customers in need of efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Contact Information

Walter Gray III
Director of Business Development
E: walter.gray@ttcogen.co

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