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Newfoundland and Labrador
Western Region Mayors Meet With Beothuk Energy- CIP Joint Venture - Wind Energy Project

Aug 16, 2017

As part of an ongoing awareness campaign to promote the tremendous potential for offshore wind energy on the west coast of Newfoundland the Mayors of: Corner Brook, Burgeo, Deer Lake, Stephenville and Port Aux Basques met with officials from the Beothuk Energy- CIP joint venture and the Corner Brook Port Corporation to discuss the social and economic benefits of the project for communities in the Western Region.

The meeting covered a wide range of topics including the potential for offshore wind energy, the proposed demonstration project for Bay St. Georges, plans to transmit wind energy to Atlantic Canada and the US and the enormous opportunity to establish a wind mill fabrication facility in the Port of Corner Brook which could see up to 600 new jobs created in the area.

The Beothuk Energy-CIP joint venture has $1 Billion in private funding allocated to this project and is working diligently on its plan to develop wind energy in Atlantic Canada. The west coast mayors along with Beothuk Energy and the Corner Brook Port Corporation believe that, given its natural advantages, Corner Brook is an ideal location in Atlantic Canada to build the proposed fabrication facility which could lead to the establishment of an entirely new, green industry that has the potential to bring tremendous benefits to communities throughout the entire western region.

The Mayors agreed that it is essential to work with the Province of Newfoundland to secure a power purchase agreement for this project to ensure that we have first player advantage as it is unlikely that a second fabrication facility will be constructed in Atlantic Canada. To this effect, the Mayors will be extending an invitation to the provincial government to meet with them along with representatives of the Port Corporation and Beothuck Energy to map out a collective pro-active  plan to secure the opportunity from this investment.

The five mayors are committed to working with their local town councils, business communities and area joint councils to help promote a better understanding of the proposed project, the social and economic benefits to the western region and to work with the Beothuk Energy - CIP joint venture group to secure this opportunity for our province.

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